Fall/Winter 2020 Update

Happy New Year!
It has obviously been an unprecedented year with the shut-down, pandemic, and election.  No matter where you fall on the spectrum, life has been very different this year.  

2000 + years ago, Mary and Joseph had an unprecedented year as well lekarna-slovenija.com!  From the angels, to pregnancy, to visiting Elizabeth, to the census, to the stable, to the visiting shepherds; it was one crazy thing on top of another!  And it was God who was working through the events of man demonstrating He was still on the throne and interested in providing for His people a Savior!  A Savior who can empathize with all aspects of life and meet us in our times of deepest need! (Hebrews 4:14-16).

One thing I’ve taken away from this year is our need for connection.  God has made us for relationship with Himself and with others!!  What are some things you have learned in 2020?

Our summer camps looked a little different this past year but we were still able to function near “normal.” 

We would appreciate your prayers as we make plans for summer!  Please let us know if there are specific ways we can be praying for you!

Thanks in advance!
Jordan Grantham and CRC

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2016 Newsletter

Here is a quick snap-shot highlighting 2016 and somethings to look for in 2017!  Thank you to those who are praying for CRC and to those of you who have been able to contribute financially!  We appreciate you!

2016 Newsletter