Counselor Details

The following is our volunteer application process. Please read the entire process before you fill out a counselor application.

STEP ONE: Prayer
Start the application process by praying for what God has for you this summer. Please involve your parents in this process. Pray for God’s will for CRC and for the volunteer team that will be assembled for the summer.

STEP TWO: Complete and Return Application
Fill out the application online by following this link.  Your application must be received by CRC no later than April 15. Please fill out the application completely and thoroughly.  You must at this time provide information for your references.

STEP THREE: Interview
A member of the CRC staff will email you a set of interview questions. Take your time in answering and return promptly. It is very important that you put your email address and phone number on your application correctly.

STEP FOUR: Selecting
CRC will be in contact with you to: extend an offer for you to be a volunteer or to decline your application. This will be done by email. It is our hope to have all of our volunteer staff selected by May 15.

STEP FIVE: Training
You will be required to attend the counselor training retreat at CRC.  The date will be determined to fit staff schedules.  We will also have short meetings during camp.