Internship FAQ

  1. CRC will pay a $1,000.00 stipend.
  2. Interns are encouraged to raise more support on their own.  They are encouraged to set up a personal budget for the summer so they have a clear idea of what they need to raise.
  3. CRC will help with financial and/or prayer support letters including stationary and stamps, if desired, but will not be responsible writing the support letters or sending them out. Possibly include a CRC brochure in the support letter for those who are unfamiliar with CRC’s ministry.  CRC will keep a record of income from collection of funds designated for Interns.
  4. Intern’s support will be received through CRC, thereby allowing a tax deduction for the donors.
  1. CRC is able to find a host family if needed, unless intern would like to find one on their own.
  2. We ask that $50 per month be offered by the intern to the host family for room and board.
  1. CRC will gladly comply with any college requirements for documentation, etc. to assist the intern in receiving course credit.
  2. All details however, must be worked out by the student with his or her institution.

Internship will begin approximately May 20 and end approximately August 10.  Dates are subject to change based on when camps begin and end.

Contact us!  You can either give us a call or shoot us an email:

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